Best value for Microblading and Permanent Makeup


8 week touchup $100
3rd session option $ 50
Full EYELINER $500
Touchup $100
LASH enhancement $300
LIPS bllush $500
8 week touchup $100


WEEK DAYS 10am-6pm

Permanent eyeliner pricing info

Want truly waterproof eyeliner? No Problem!
I can place pigment strictly in your lash line to give your lashes a full look or add depth within and above the lashes for a sultry makeup effect that is gorgeous and natural looking. I can also go bold and dramatic and give you a crisp winged liner. The possibilities are limitless.

Lash enhancement

Top and Bottom Liner

Top only

Bottom only

Bold wing
Additional $60

Hyper-Realistic Eyebrows

The brows of your dreams are a possibility! I will assess your skins oil, texture, density and your lifestyle and tailor my advanced techniques to give you brows that not only are beautiful, but will also last as long as possible. This appointment is a 2-part session and requires a touch-up 6-8 weeks after your first session.

3 hour session
6-8 week touch-up

Color Refresher

Refreshers (Microblading, Ombre Brows, Powder brows or any other type) are recommended within 24 months of the initial sessio or onece 50% of your pigment has faded.
IMPORTANT: For prior work not done by me - pictures or in-person consultation may be required

2 hour session